Exo Terra Buffalo Skull

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Whether your vivarium is set up to look like the Wild West, the Outback, the desert or a jungle, the Buffalo Skull is an incredibly realistic addition to your decor.


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Product Information

For a vivarium set up to look like the Wild West for your Carolina cornsnake, this Buffalo Skull is an awesome addition. Maybe it was brought down by Buffalo Bill or maybe a more deadly predator was responsible for its demise!

Or perhaps your viv recreates the Savannah of Africa where your Uromastyx basks in the baking hot sun. Did this buffalo finish second in a deadly battle with a lion? It's down to your imagination!

Maybe this skull is of another breed of bison or buffalo, one native to the dusty, sandy desert lands of Afghanistan or India where your leopard gecko can use it for hiding.

The only limit is your imagination. Whether you have a desert vivarium, a rainforest terrarium or even just an imaginative setup full of unusual decor and colourful sand, this Buffalo Skull is a real talking point.

The skulls are sturdy resin and are easy to clean - and much easier to come by than real skulls! Also coming in both Natural and White washed for a bleached aged look!

Product Specification

Product Size
Exo Terra Buffalo Skull - White 12 x 9 x 6cm
Exo Terra Buffalo Skull - Natural 24 x 13 x 10cm

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