Exo Terra Calcium

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Exo Terra Calcium can form an important part of your reptile's supporting environment. It helps clean the water in your rep's water bowl, while giving them an extra boost of Calcium for bone development.


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Product Information

Exo Terra Calcium Liquid is available from Swell Reptiles to give you an easy way to remove certain toxins found in tap water, giving your reptile a more toxin-free water bowl and give them a little boost of calcium in the process.

This liquid water treatment removes toxic residues like chlorine and chloramine from the water, making the water in your reptile water dish or dispenser purer for your reptile, and less likely to give them a toxin build up over time.

It also gives your reptile a boost of calcium - essential for good bone development and maintenance, helping to prevent problems like Metabolic Bone disease from developing, which if left unchecked can lead to deformities and even death.

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