Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish

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Allows your tree-climbing reptile to feed where they feel most at home - up in the air! Use this Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish to provide food and water at a greater height in your tall terrarium to keep your arboreal reptile happier.


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Product Information

While some reptiles feed on the ground, arboreal reptiles feel more comfortable getting their meal higher up, and for them you can grab an Exo Terra Canopy Combo Dish from Swell Reptiles at a great price, with Next Working Day Delivery Options.

The natural design on the canopy combo dish means it will blend it perfectly in a leafy terrarium, and it holds both water and food so saves space within your reptile's environment.

As you'd expect from Exo Terra, the dish is made from the best quality materials and will withstand any harsh treatment within the terrarium! The self-adhesive clip system makes it easy to move about too, so it can move higher as your reptile grows.

This combo dish looks great in one of our own Swell Glass Terrariums, add some branches and plants to create the most authentic habitat.

Key Features:

  • Dual purpose; water and feeding dish
  • Ideal for tree dwellers
  • Attractive, rock design blends in
  • Fit to desired height
  • Self-adhesive clip system

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