Exo Terra Cascade High Performance Pump and Filter

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A great piece of pro-reptile keeping equipment, this Exo Terra Cascade High Performance Pump and Filter allows you to build streams and waterfalls in your semi aquatic terrarium to beautiful effect, as well as helping to filter the water for a cleaner environment for your reptile.


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Product Information

The Exo Terra Cascade Pump and Filter allows you to filter your reptile's water to keep it healthier as well as create a waterfall or stream unique to your terrarium, enriching your reptile's environment and the look of your reptilian pride and joy!

This Exo Terra Cascade Pump & Filter is very versatile, giving you plenty of setup choice in your terrarium, meaning you can have it flow into a tranquil pool or over a stepped waterfall of your own design, or just a trickling stream!

Complete with an efficient pump, the filter cleans your reptile's water too, keeping it fresher for longer and therefore healthier and more pleasant for your reptile to enjoy. Keeping the water moving also prevents it from stagnating in the hot environment inside your reptile terrarium.

Each filter uses a mix of chemical, biological and mechanical filtration to clean the water, removing debris and bio-matter with ease, and it easy to maintain too.

Key Features:

  • Create your own individual design
  • Multiple height options up to 180 cm (70")
  • Increase humidity
  • Promotes healthy, natural plant growth
  • Built in 3 stage filter
  • Can be used in terrariums, vivariums, aquariums and paludariums

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