Exo Terra Coconut Cave - Nesting and hiding spot

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The Exo Terra Coconut Cave is the perfect hiding place for amphibians and reptiles looking to nest. Its realistic look mimics a natural hiding place and provides an ideal egg-laying comfort zone for your amphibian or reptile friend. The Exo Terra Coconut Cave looks great alongside the Tiki Coconut Water Dish or Tiki Coconut Hide & Water Dish.


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Product Information

What is the Exo Terra Coconut Cave?

The Exo Terra Coconut Cave is a resin cave designed to look like a tiki coconut that can blend into both natural and artificial tiki decorations. The cave is designed to offer both reptiles and amphibians a hiding spot, ideal for encouraging nesting behaviour.

What are the benefits of the Exo Terra Coconut Cave?

The main benefit of the Exo Terra Coconut Cave is that it encourages nesting behaviour in reptiles and amphibians. It also looks great, with a design that will neatly fit into almost any terrarium. It's even safe for your reptiles as the high-quality resin is non-toxic.

Why do reptiles and amphibians need hiding spots?

Many amphibians and some reptiles have a natural need to find hiding spots to reduce stress and provide safety and security. This behaviour protects them from predators in the wild but it can be useful when they are being kept as a way to stimulate them and encourage breeding.


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