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As the bearded dragon roams around the sand of the Australian Outback, he climbs onto his basking rock and spies a stark figure in the red hot sun - the skull of a long gone croc. "Fairwell, cobber," he exclaims before pouncing on a cricket


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Product Information

If you want to give your vivarium the deadly realism of the Australian Outback, then one of Crocodile Dundee's long lost pals is for you.

This realistic Crocodile Skull adds a real touch of the rugged Aussie Bush to your vivarium and bearded dragons, blue-tongued skink, frilled lizards, Uromastyx and agamids will feel right at home with this imposing skull in their viv. This really is the perfect addition to a bearded dragon vivarium.

Of course, you don't have to restrict this Croc to an Aussie themed beardie vivarium - the only limit is your imagination. There's no reason why you can't add this to a jungle setup.

Or how about going for a terrarium based on the Florida everglades? The likes of a Carolina cornsnake that frequents the southern states of America will be whistling Dixie when they see they have this gator to navigate. So freshwater gator or saltwater croc that's swam inland - you decide.

If the Crocodile Skull isn't to your taste, you could always opt for the Primate Skull or the Buffalo Skull. The skulls are sturdy resin and are easy to clean - and much easier to come by than real skulls! The Crocodile Skull is 22cm (9") long, 11cm (4.5") wide and 7cm (3") tall.

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Exo Terra Crocodile Skull 22 x 12 x 9cm

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