Exo Terra Day & Night Light Fixture

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Exo Terra Day & Night Light Fixture uses super efficient LED technology to deliver both day and night light to your reptile home. Great for setups that don't require UV light, it adds great dynamics to your reptile home.


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Product Information

The Exo Terra Day & Night LED lighting unit is perfect for small to medium terrariums that do not need UVB lighting. So it's great for snakes, some geckos, frogs and newts, plus spiders and scorpions.

The unit is available in two sizes; small or large. The small boasts 15 LED's and the large, 24. The small unit has 14 white LED's and 1 blue, and the larger unit has 22 white and 2 blue.

During the day, the bright white bulbs creates a natural daylight scene in the enclosure whilst at a touch of the integral button, a blue night time glow from one or two blue LED's creates an evening ambience. The blue glow allows you to observe your pet foraging and behaving in the most natural way.

The light unit fits onto the back of the enclosure thanks to a self-adhesive pad. The light sits over the terrarium providing good light coverage via 15 or 24 powerful bulbs. LED lighting is a popular lighting form in many types of reptile and aquatic hobby, thanks to the high power rate and long life span. The light uses just 2 watts of power saving money and energy!

Key Features:

  • Perfect dual lighting for reptiles and pets that do not need UVB
  • Two sizes available
  • 15 or 24 powerful LED lights
  • 1 or 2 blue LED for night time glow (depending upon unit)
  • Low energy at just 2 watts
  • Bright, natural daylight
  • Blue evening glow
  • Inspires natural behaviours
  • Long lasting and energy efficient

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