Exo Terra Decor Cleaner

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Your reptile is, of course, a living, breathing, and sadly deficating organism, but you can keep their environment cleaner with Exo Terra Decor Cleaner - helping to remove organic stains in a way that won't harm your reptile.


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Product Information

Your reptile's terrarium always looks beautiful after you first set it up, and you can keep it that way with Exo Terra Terrarium Decor Cleaner - it's a safe way to remove organic stains from your reptile's decor, leaving no harmful residue and effectively cleaning away mess and bad odours left by your reptile.

Left unchecked, your reptile's habitat can become an ugly smelly mess, but by using Exo terra Terrarium Decor cleaner (available in amply sized 250ml bottles), you can bring back its natural-looking beauty in no time, making it the feature piece and beautiful habitat is always should be.

Featuring a biodegradable ingredients list, made from 100% natural products, it is safe for your reptile, odour free and has no environmental impact on your reptile's habitat - making it safer and more pleasant for both you and your reptile.

Its carefully created formula easily breaks down organic waste and the smells that it creates, leaving your terrarium looking its' best for you and your reptile.

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