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Spend and Save up to £15 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor Dual Layer

Great for forest dwelling reptiles and amphibians

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  • 2-in-2 natural substrate similar to the forest floor
  • Consists of ardisia leaves and rich organic matter
  • Available in two sizes
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Substrates in natural terrariums have many functions and are not only there for decoration purposes. The Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor substrates are multi-layer substrates that allow you to recreate the forest floor as found in natural forests.

The forest floor is one of the most distinctive features of the forest ecosystem and Exo Terra have developed three different substrates to cater for your terrarium.

The equatorial Forest Floor consists of 2 major layers:

1. The top layer mainly consisting of fresh leaf litter
2. The base layer consists of rich organic matter- usually decomposed leaves and wood


  • 100% Natural
  • Multi-layer substrate
  • Resembles natural forest floor
  • Keeps soil soft and moist
  • Allows your animals to hide
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants
  • Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups
  • Heat-treated and odour absorbing
  • Made from a sustainable resource
  • Can safely be composted
  • Ardisia Leaves 1.1L (Small) 2.2L (Large)
  • Coconut Husk Fiber 3.3L (Small) 6.6L (Large)

Directions for use:
Spread 2-4" (5-10 cm) of the base layer on the terrarium floor. Water or mist the substrate according to the humidity level required. Place your decorative items in the terrarium, than cover the floor with the top layer of decorative Ardisia leaves. Use a Hygrometer to monitor the level. To increase air humidity in well-ventilated terrariums or those with very high humidity requirements, place a terrarium substrate heater underneath the terrarium. Spot clean the bedding on a daily basis, and completely replace with new bedding when necessary.

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