Exo Terra Exo Terra Cholla Skeleton

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This decoration from ExoTerra is a replicant of the Cholla cactus, a great natural plant in the wild where reptiles will often hide. This resin based decor is easy to clean and comes in different sizes so can suit many vivariums and set ups.


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Product Information

This faux Cholla plant is a great way of getting some stylish decoration. Whilst the real Chollas are CITES registered and protected, these can provide hides holes and safe zones for your reptiles, and come in varying sizes to suit your pet.

This ability to provide a safe place means your pet will feel safer and more secure, keeping it calming whilst providing a natural environment. Its resin based design means its easy to clean, and will fit into any vivarium design.

Product Specification

Product Size
Exo Terra Cholla Skeleton Small 6 x 11cm
Exo Terra Cholla Skeleton Medium 8.5 x 19.5cm
Exo Terra Cholla Skeleton Large 11.5 x 28cm

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