Exo Terra Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Hide

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This great new decoration from Exo Terra is both beautiful to put inside the viv, but also useful, providing a water dish as well as a hide for your small pet to utilise and enjoy.


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Product Information

These dinosaur eggs, which are made from a safe resin material, are a great addition, especially in a smaller vivarium with less floor space to lose, as this combines the hide with a water bowl, as well as provide decor and something for your pet to climb on.

Great for smaller snakes, or ground geckos, these can be great as a piece in a feature vivariums, especially when used with other 'dino-themed' decoration like the bones and skulls.

Easy to clean, as well as useful, so a great addition to most vivariums!

Size - 12 x 15 x 12cm

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