Exo Terra Exo Terra Frog Kit

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This is a great kit from Exo Terra, compiling of all the items required to get you started with a new amphibian. Although small, this is ideal for small dart frogs species, or very young Tree Frogs, giving you some flexibility for future.


  • Amphibian Kit
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Product Information

This 30cm x 30cm x 45cm tall Exo Terra Glass Terrarium offers the best in optimum viewing of your amphibian, whilst also providing the ideal environment for high humidity and great ventilation, all important in the housing of frogs. The mesh top means that air can get through easily, and if so required, can also use a low level UVB source on it to give your reptiles optimum lighting.

The kit comes with this terrarium and the ExoTerra Day and Night LED Fixture, giving you bright white long lasting LEDs, which are not only hard wearing, but also cheap to run as well. These have the option of changing to blue night time LEDs as well, giving a great evening view of your reptiles.

Also included is Exo Terra Planation Soil, a rich rainforest substrate that will help to create the perfect environment, especially when used with the Forest Moss enclosed as well, helping keep the humidity up and maintain it.

There is also a small heat mat to keep temperatures up, as well as a Thermometer and Hygrometer, so you can keep an eye on the important temperature and humidity readings, to ensure your amphibian is being kept perfectly at all times.

The kit includes:

  • 30 x 30 x 45 terrarium
  • ET day & night LED light fixture small
  • Exo Terra plantation soil
  • Exo Terra forest moss 2 x 7L
  • Rept-o-meter thermometer
  • Rept-o-meter hygrometer
  • Plants
  • Small Rainforest Heatmat

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 26/03/2018 12:03pm
    Exo Terra Amphibian Kit
    Feefo Logo
    Nit a kit that comes with half the stuff needed for bio active the 2 plants that come in this pack are not live plants. The tank is decent I can say nothing bad about it.
    The led 2w day night light... what can I say, do not waste your money had massive issues with the product. Turns it's self to night light after 20 mins, exo terra should be ashamed of the shoddy quality of this product.
    The tank is the only reason I gave exo terra a star at all.
  • Rating
    Date 06/05/2017 15:05pm
    Exo Terra Amphibian Kit
    Feefo Logo
    Good service again, but as \I opened the package and checked the item, I found the Poly background had a deep hole where the corner of another box had been pushed into the terrarium to get all items inside, there by damaging the item, I contacted Swel,Reptiles what was damaged, next a replacement day I received What better service could you get .