Exo Terra Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Kit

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A great Starter kit for Bearded Dragons, this kit will get your started with your little dragon, giving you the equipment you'll need to get you set up. This contains the enclosure, the lighting and the substrate and water dish, perfect for a beginner!


  • Juvenille Dragon Starter Kit
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Product Information

The 90cm x 45cm x 30cm high Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is included in this Bearded Dragon Starter Kit, which means your little Dragon will have plenty of room to roam and run around, in a great open enclosure that provides you with optimum viewing at all times.

There is a Exo Terra Dome Light and Mounting Bracket, with a Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Bulb, which combines the heat your dragon requires, with the super important UVB and also the daylight that they need for a great environment. These bulbs are an all in one unit, and nothing further that you need for it.

Also included in this kit is a Thermometer, Exo Terra Desert Sand Substrate, and also a water Dish, great for getting you started with your new baby Dragon.

Juvenille Bearded Dragon kit includes:

  • 90 x 45 x 30 terrarium
  • Dome light
  • 125W solar Glo lamp
  • Lamp holder bracket
  • Rept-o-meter thermometer
  • Sand
  • Water dish medium

Bearded Dragon Kit includes:

  • Aluminium Dome Fixture Large
  • Solar Glo 125W Bulb
  • Light Dome Bracket
  • Liquid Crystal thermometer
  • Large Sand Mat
  • Medium water dish
  • Natural Terrarium 90 x 45 x 30cm

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