Exo Terra Exo Terra Tarantula Scorpion Kit

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This Tarantula and Scorpion Kit contains everything you need to get started with your new creepy crawley, including the enclosure, substrate, light and dish! Great for the beginner and experienced hobbyist alike.


  • Arachnid Starter Kit
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Product Information

This kit contains a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, complete with the Exo Terra Day and Night LED unit, which gives you bright white and long lasting LEDs, which are not only hard wearing, but also cheap to run as well. These have the option of changing to blue night time LEDs as well, giving a great evening view of your reptiles.

Also included in this kit are the Thermometer and Hygrometers, which mean you can accurately check the temperature and humidity of your enclosure to make sure they are always correct and accurate for your arachnid.

There is a small water dish included, and also a brick of Exo Terra Plantation Soil, which is a great substrate to provide plenty of rich soil for the bottom of the environment. Decorative plants and a small heat mat finish off this kit, giving you everything you need to get started succesfully.

The Kit includes:

  • 30 x 30 x 30 terrarium
  • ET day & night LED light fixture small
  • Rept-o-meter thermometer
  • Rept-o-meter hygrometer
  • Small water dish
  • Exo Terra plantation soil
  • Plants
  • Small rainforest heat mat

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