Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms

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A cool reptile night light, this Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms provide a safe place from your reptile to hide out when they want to be alone, but they also glow in the dark too, negating the need for reptile night lighting - neat!


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Product Information

The Exo Terra Glow Mushroom Hide Out is an innovative addition to any terrarium.

The log effect of the hide is complemented by the mushrooms, which glow in the dark - adding an unusal touch.

The hide blends in seamlessly, thanks to the naturalistic effect. It provides a safe shelter for your reptile to sleep and hide. This will help him to feel more secure, and as such behave as he would do in the wild.

Key Features:

  • Natural log effect looks great
  • Glow in the dark mushrooms add a unique touch
  • Safe shelter to sleep and hide
  • Promotes security
  • Humid microclimate creates a good environment

Product Specification

Product Size
Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms 24 x 13 x 12cm

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