Exo Terra Heat Glo

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Exo Terra Heat Glo lamps don't give out much in the way of visible light, but dish out plenty of heat - perfect for keeping your reptile nice and warm in the evenings and nights, helping to maintain their body temperature without confusing them about what time of day it is!


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Product Information

The reptile experts at Exo Terra have created this simple yet effective Exo Terra Heat Glo bulb to help warm your reptile to their optimum temperature with minimal visible light - just enough for a good view of your rep at night while not disrupting their sleep pattern.

It uses Infrared heat waves to warm the ambient air temperature in your terrarium, allowing your reptile to live a healthy and active life in an environment that better replicates their natural one. With a built-in reflector too, more of the energy expending through the bulb is directed towards your reptile than with less sophisticated models.

Because it doesn't create much visible light, this is what is known as a 24-hour bulb, meaning you can leave it on or connect it to a thermostat to maintain a perfect temperature in your reptile home.

  • Boosts terrarium temperature
  • Provides essential heat to make your reptile more active and healthy
  • Uses infrared heat waves rather than full visible light
  • 24 hours radiant heater
  • Will not disrupt normal day-night cycle
  • Best for nocturnal viewing of your reptile
  • Even better when combined with Repti Glo or Sun Glo for a 24-hour cycle.

The Exo Terra Glow Light (PT-2052 / PT-2054 / PT-2056) is perfectly suited for the Exo Terra Incandescent Bulbs.

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