Exo Terra Heat Rocks

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Exo Terra Heat Rocks are perfect to give your reptile a little boost of heat when they are basking. Reptiles will usually find a rock that has been warmed by the sun to lie on, and this electric fake-rock replicates that - your reptile will love it!


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Product Information

Use these fantastic Exo Terra Heat Rocks to provide your reptile with a basking rock that feels as if it has been heated by a long day in the sun - perfect for increasing your reptile's body temperature back to the optimum levels for good health and wellbeing.

The heat generated by these Exo Terra Heat Wave rocks helps your reptile's thermos-regulation, aiding the metabolism and digestive processes, allowing them to make the best of the nutrients in every meal, and they feature an in-built thermostat that shuts off when the rock reaches the correct temperature, so as not to burn your reptile.

A superb and natural looking way to keep reptile's warm, it is suitable for most terrarium set ups, humid or dry.

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    Date 10/05/2015 07:05am
    Exo Terra Heat Rock Large (18 x 31cm)
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    Date 01/04/2015 15:04pm
    Exo Terra Heat Rock Large (18 x 31cm)
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    I was not happy with the temperature acheived by the heat rock but as I was setting up a larger vivarium I have used it to augment the one I already had. Had this not reached the temperature required, I would have returned it.