Exo Terra Liquid Crystal Thermometer

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Exo Terra Liquid Crystal Thermometers give you some of the most accurate readings on your vivarium or terrarium temperature you could possibly hope for. Super precise and with a great price tag as Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

Exo Terra Liquid Crystal Thermometers are perfect for allowing you to closely and accurately monitor the temperature in your reptile home, whether it's a dry vivarium or a humid terrarium.

Heat, one of the most important factors in reptile care, needs to be maintained closely to give your reptile the right environment in which to thrive, allowing them to conduct their biological functions at their optimum levels, like digestion and circulation, and you can make sure everything is ok with these Exo Terra Liquid Crystal thermometers, and if the temperature has dropped, you can take action.

Best used in pairs in both the hot and cold areas of your reptile habitat, you can use just one if you place it in the centre between the two extremes to take an overall temperature.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • Wide range horizontal thermometer.
  • Easy to read and install.
  • Can be placed inside or outside the terrarium.

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