Exo Terra Moss Ball

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Exo Terra Moss Balls are perfect for semi-aquatic reptile terrariums, helping to clear the water of toxins and odour producing materials. A sort of natural filter, they come at a great price from Swell Reptiles.


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Product Information

For semi aquatic reptile habitats, The Exo Terra Moss Ball can provide clarity and odour-control, keeping your terrarium cleaner and smelling better for longer.

Each Exo Terra Moss Ball helps provide clear water in your reptile's environment and it also reduces unpleasant smells too! It features a natural look, formed from a special resin with highly absorptive properties to hold on to odours and clean your tank water.

It not only contributes to the natural aesthetics of your reptile's home, but it helps create a healthier and more pleasant environment for your reptile.

At a glance:

  • Traps phosphate, nitrite and nitrate.
  • Easy and effective deodorizer.
  • Reduces organic matter accumulation.
  • Effective for up to 2 months.
  • Treats 30-60 litre (10-20 gal) terrariums.

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