Exo Terra Plant Dripper

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Ensure climbing reptiles get a great source of fresh water, far above the forest floor with this Exo Terra Plant Dripper - it feeds water from a reservoir at the bottom and slowly drips it down the stem and leaves of the taller plant part, simulating the water on the plants in the rainforest after a storm.


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Some reptiles, especially arboreal types like chameleons dislike drinking from still water at ground level where they feel more exposed, and instead you can use a plant-like source like this Exo Terra Plant Dripper.

Aesthetically, this is a 3-tiered plant stem, featuring 3 large leaves that look fantastic in your terrarium or vivarium, but with an amazing function: It can take the still water from your existing water dish and pump it up the inside of the stem so it trickles over the leaves, sort of like a natural-looking fountain.

As the water trickles from the top down over the leaves and returning back to the water dish, it is sure to catch your reptile's eye, allowing them to drink for what feels to them like a safer height.

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Size: 13cm x 10cm x 51.5cm tall

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