Exo Terra Sand Mat

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Some reptiles are messy eaters, and sand substrates can sometimes be accidently ingested. Try this Exo Terra Sand Mat instead, allowing them to feel like they are on real sand, but without the loose particles around to be gobbled up by mistake.


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Product Information

If you are concerned about your reptile accidentally ingesting his substrate or you simply want to try something new, then the Exo Terra Sand Mat could be just what you're looking for!

This textured mat is coloured to replicate natural sand, and thanks to the textured surface, it allows your reptile to grip as he would do normally. The Sand Mat is easily cut to size, so can fit any terrarium or vivarium. There's no mess, so no risk of sand spilling out when you take your reptile out to play.

It can be cleaned easily, and removed and replaced with minimum fuss, making it ideal for those who have limited time.

Key Features:

  • Textured, replicating natural terrain
  • Mess free - simply cut to size
  • Safe - no chance of your reptile ingesting it
  • Hygienic - can be rinsed clean or replaced easily
  • Ideal for animals in quarantine.
  • Available in 4 sizes

Product Specification

Product Size
Exo Terra Sand Mat Mini 28.5 x 28.5 cm
Exo Terra Sand Mat Small 43 x 43 cm
Exo Terra Sand Mat Medium 43 x 58 cm

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