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Exo Terra Scorpion Light

Mimic moonlight in your enclosure

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At a glance...
  • Low energy LED nightlight
  • Makes Scorpions glow
  • Ultraviolet light provides a soft and subtle glow
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This light provides a whole new level to viewing your invertebrates, by using a low 2w unit with 15 LED lights. The ultraviolet light provides a soft and subtle glow, which some invertebrates will glow in, just like the use of black lights.

This is most like the reflection of moonlight, and can stimulate breeding behaviour in some species of tarantula. The ability to view a whole new world of your pet's life will mean you can understand so much more about them.

The low wattage means that The ExoTerra Scorpion Lights use around 80% less energy that a standard light unit, and will not affect temperatures at all in the enclosure.

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