Exo Terra Stainless Steel Scooper

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Sift and spot-clean your reptile substrate using this Exo Terra Stainless Steel Scooper, made from hard wearing materials that will last longer. Keep the environment clean, keep your pet happy and healthy.


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Product Information

Spot-clean your vivarium substrate with ease by grabbing an Exo Terra Scoop from Swell Reptiles to get the best price.

With a fine-mesh trowel, this clever scoop allows you to sift through finer substrates like sand to remove faeces from your reptile's enclosure, allowing your substrate to stay fresher for longer between full changes.

Large substrates can be shovelled in and out of your vivarium or terrarium too, with a cleverly designed shape to the scoop to allow access to the corners of your reptile's habitat.

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