Exo Terra Sun Glo Tight Beam Basking Spot Lamp

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Exo Terra Sun Glo Tight Beam Basking Spot Lamps make for an intense patch of heat and light in your reptile vivarium. It directs light in a very specific direction, allowing you to position it wherever you think your reptile might want to bask.


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Product Information

For larger reptiles such as Bearded Dragons or Uromastyx, a secondary basking spot lamp like an Exo terra Sun Glo Tight Beam might be needed to maintain their overall body temperature - nice and hot, just how they like it!

In the wild, your desert dwelling reptile would receive a huge amount of warmth and visible light from the Sun, and to allow them to have a healthy life style, this is easily replicated with a second spot lamp.

The reflective coating around the sides of the bulb means that the light beam is considerably narrower than most other spot lamps - more like the 'Spot Light' at the theatre - intense and focused on one spot which your reptile can move under should they be feeling a little chilly.

Each Exo Terra Sun Glo Tight Beam Basking Spot Lamp features:

  • A 35% increase of light and heat in the beam compared with Exo Terra's normal lamp
  • The ability to create a precise basking area for thermoregulation.
  • Capability to increase ambient air temperature
  • Stimulates breeding behaviour through visible light rays
  • Can be combined with Night Glo or Heat Glo for a 24 hours cycle.

Don't forget! This lamp gives your reptile an essential dose of heat and UVA (Visible light), however they still need a UVB source (UV spot lamp) to be able to generate vitamin D3 to avoid metabolic bone disease. That being said, an extra tight-beam lamp like this can make a huge difference to your reptile's health and happiness, available at a low price from Swell Reptiles and with Same-Day Despatch available.

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