Exo Terra Vision Compact

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ExoTerra Vision bulb, coming in both smaller 13w as well as the standard 26w compact bulbs, are great for normal bulb holders as well as the ExoTerra Compact Canopies. These bulbs are designed especially for reptiles and will make a huge difference to your reptile's environment.


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Product Information

Designed specifically for the more sensitive reptile eye, this bulb is on a wavelength designed specifically for reptiles, rather than other bulbs which tend to be engineered for the human eye. Normal bulbs are designed so that the light we see is perfect, whereas this bulb is suited to reptile vision, and although it looks duller to us, the difference to your pet will be massive.

This bulb is designed to have a dramatic impact on a reptile's appetite as well as affecting their mood for breeding or brumation periods. It will allow your reptile to see its environment in a better light and will therefore enhance its natural behaviour as the colours it sees will vary drastically with the use of this bulb.

Great for use with low light animals or combined in a canopy top with other bulbs, such as UVB for example, this bulb is suitable for all species, across snake, lizard, amphibian, chelonian and invertebrate species.

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