Exo Terra Waterfall Pebble Design

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Exo Terra's Waterfall Pebble Design looks just like a real formation of pebbles, something for your terrarium waterfall to trickle over to improve the aesthetics of your reptile home.


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Product Information

The Exo Terra Waterfall is as natural-looking as you could possibly hope for, made to look like a real rock formation which will help to introduce a relaxing, cascading stream in your terrarium.

A perfect addition to help your reptiles and amphibians to stay hydrated, this waterfall will look fantastic within your animal's habitat, adding to the overall ambience in your reptile terrarium, as well as preventing your reptile's drinking water from stagnating.

Cleaning the Exo Terra Waterfall is easy as it can be dismantled into several parts, making it more hygienic than other models.

Key Features:

  • Stimulate natural drinking behaviour
  • Increase humidity levels
  • Natural appearance helping water to blend into reptile habitat
  • Stable and difficult to tip over
  • Pump included
  • Easy to clean


  • Large: 32.4 x 31.6 x 31.2 cm
  • Medium: 27.7 x 24.7 x 24.5 cm
  • Small: 25.7 x 22.1 x 20.1 cm

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    Date 28/02/2016 10:02am
    Exo Terra Waterfall Pebble Design Medium
    Feefo Logo
    Great feature to the vivarium.... looks good,easy to set up