Exo Terra Ion Deodorising Bulb

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Exo Terra Natural Light Ion is a deodorising bulb designed to keep the terrarium fresh, helping to produce a healthier air for your reptile as well as making your room more pleasant.


  • Repti Glo Ion Light 15w
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Product Information

The Exo Terra Natural Light Ion purifies the air in your reptile's vivarium or terrarium which means odours are reduced, creating a healthier environment all round for your reptile, and reduces any unpleasant smells for you as the keeper.

A clever product, the Exo Terra Natural Ion Light eliminates odours, purifies terrarium air, and also neutralises mould spores. This innovative technology also has a high visual light output.

It is a general light source for your reptile but has the secondary function of cleaning the air. The bulb produces what's called "negative ions" which are beneficial for reptiles. Negative ions are commonly found in nature in places like coastlines, in the mountains, in deserts, in forests and near rivers and waterfalls - in other words reptile habitats.

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    Exo Terra Repti Glo Ion Light 15w
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