F10 Antiseptic Liquid Soap

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F10's superior Antiseptic Liquid Soap isn't for your reptile - its for you! Reptile's and their habitats can quickly become home to alsorts of little nasties, which can cross contaminate your home, and then other reptile homes when you handle them. Use this soap before and after handling to combat the spread of germs.


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Product Information

When caring and handling your reptile, sometimes a bar of soap won't always protect you and your other pets from cross contamination from bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi and viruses, and so a bottle of F10 AntiSeptic Liquid Soap is good to keep handy near your reptile enclosure or near the sink.

It features a broad spectrum antibacterial formula, meaning it is effective at destroying a wide range of pathogens that could be being harboured in your reptile enclosure or by your reptile, and washing your hands using it means that you are less likely to spread it to other pets of before infected yourself.

Not only is this the best protection for your pets, its also soft on hands too, and wont dry them out like some soaps.

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