HabiStat Amazon Sinking Clay Filtration Substrate

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HabiStat Sinking Clay Filtration Substrate is ideal for bioactive enclosures, and providing a water reservoir underneath for live plants.


  • Amazon Sinking Clay Ball Filtration Substrate 10 Litres
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Product Information

HabiStat Amazon Sinking Clay Ball Filtration substrate has been designed to be used with HabiStat Jungle Bio, though is suitable with any rain forest enclosure and substrate.

When using the HabiStat Jungle Bio, the two working together create a natural filtration system for your bio-active set up. Unlike other similar products available, these clay balls sink which allows the substrate to be moistened from underneath. This also enables the substrate to be used in an aquatic environment.

These balls are long-lasting, and this substrate is easy to clean. It is extremely porous, and it can be used in biological filters for cleaning fish and turtle tanks as well.

As with all of the HabiStat substrate range, these are all now packed in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags.

Directions for Use: Wash thoroughly before use under running water until the water becomes clear. Pour into a glass based terrarium to create the base layer for your bio active set up. Use in conjunction with HabiStat Jungle Bio.

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    Date 27/03/2021 11:03am
    HabiStat Amazon Sinking Clay Ball Filtration Substrate 10 Litres
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    does a job and cheapest i've found so far. I only needed a small amount so didnt want to pay loads for it and its actually one of my new favs.