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HabiStat Antiseptic Hand Gel 100-500ml

Unparalleled broad spectrum antimicrobial action

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  • Residue-free non-rinse antiseptic hand gel
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Available in 100-500ml bottles
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This provides unparalleled broad spectrum anti-microbial action, which is active against most pathogens and viruses, whilst offering antiseptic action as well, ensuring that cuts and grazes are protected after handling.

This hand gel doesn't require rinsing after use, so is ideal for on the go, or quick cleaning between reptiles. It contains emollients which are specially designed to prevent skin from drying out from multiple uses, unlike many other hand gels. This handy travel 100ml bottle is great for pockets, and the larger bottles will sit easily next to reptile enclosures to encourage you to clean your hands every time.

Ideally combine this hand gel with a surface cleanser to ensure the reptiles environment itself is clean and safe as well. This instant cleanser is broad spectrum and will be effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Composition: 70% Alcohol with emollients and viscosity modifiers.

Directions for use:

Hands should be relatively free from organic soilage for full effectiveness.
Apply liberally, rub into hands and allow to dry.

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