Habistat Bug Barrier

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Use a Habistat Bug Barrier is a simple spray that deters your reptile's livefood from escaping through vents and small holes in your vivarium. It acts as a non-toxin deterrent to ward off any escape attempts, ensuring that sooner or later, your reptile gets it's meal


  • Bug Barrier
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Product Information

A clever and harmless method of preventing your livefood from escaping through the vents in your vivarium or terrarium, Habistat Bug Barrier is available as a handy spray, applied to the top ventilation ports of your reptile home to create a barrier your bugs won't want to cross.

Used and approved by commercial insect breeders, it is completely harmless to reptiles, and simply dissuades your bugs from taking the escape route before your reptile has a chance to hunt them down and enjoy a tasty meal.

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