Habistat Cool Control

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Control your vivarium fan system the easy and safe way with a Habistat Cool Control. Operating like a thermostat, it activates your cooling equipment when temperatures get too high!


  • Cool Control 300w
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Product Information

With a Habistat Cool Control, you can easily get a grip of your basking lamps to ensure your reptile does not overheat, leading to dehydration by operating a fan system to provide a cooling breeze and to help to ventilate your reptile's terrarium or vivarium.

Each Habistat Cool Control unit works much like a thermostat, but with reverse effects: When a certain temperature (pre-set by you) is exceeded, the cool control activates your fan system to ventilate your reptile home, ensuring that your reptile doesn't suffer from being too hot.

With a remote sensor and room for one fan unit, the Habistat Cool Control is easily setup and works efficiently with fans up to 100w.

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Habistat Cool Control 300w Reverse Temperature Stat 5 Years

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