Habistat Crested Gecko Diet with Crickets

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This new HabiStat Crested Gecko diet is a complete food, with added crickets to ensure optimum nutrition. This comes in a choice of 3 flavours, Strawberry, Banana or Mango, meaning you have a great choice for your reptile to enjoy!


  • Gecko Diet Banana & Cricket 60g
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  • Gecko Diet Mango & Cricket 60g
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  • Gecko Diet Strawberry & Cricket 60g
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Product Information

This powder diet is free from artificial colours, flavours and added preservatives, and also has no fillers. There are 10 Key protein sources in here, 50% of which is made from animal protein sources. This is ideal for many omnivore species, including Rhacodactylus, Phelsuma and other Geckos, as well as Skinks and some Iguanids.

As well as the choice of flavour, this food includes the super-food Spirulina, honey, bee pollen, egg whites, and spinach. There is also added HabiStat Medivet and Reptavite as well, meaning there is all the supplemental minerals and vitamins required as well. This is a complete food then, that provides all the best nutrition directly to your reptile.

This has all the same benefits as the standard HabiStat Crested Gecko diet, but with the extra added crickets, meaning there is on average around 100 adult crickets per 60g tub of powder food.

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