HabiStat Grapevine

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Natural Grapevine, ideal for utilising the height in arboreal enclosures, or for just adding a great feature in terrestrial set ups.


  • Natural Grapevine 45cm
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  • Sandblasted Grapevine 45cm
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Product Information

This HabiStat Grapevine is completely natural, with each piece being unique. You will find sizes, shapes and dimensions will vary from piece to piece, but each is around 45cm in length, and this comes in either natural or sandblasted, for a brighter and smoother finish.

The addition of Grapevine helps to stimulate your reptiles, both mentally and physically, adding a new aspect to their enclosure, and this is suitable for both arid and forest set ups. They can be laid horizontally, with other natural decor placed over them to create a perfect hiding spot, or stacked and used vertically, helping to use all the space available in arboreal enclosures.

There are 100% natural, and have been harvested and dried without the use of any pesticides, making them 100% safe.

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