Habistat HabiStat Spare Fuse

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A 10 pack of spare fuses for HabiStat thermostats, ideal to have just in case! These are suitable for HabiStat Thermostats, and are for replacing the internal fuse, not the plug fuse.


  • Superfast Blow Fuses 3.15amp - 10pk
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Product Information

HabiStat Thermostats have an internal fuse in order to protect the unit inside, so if there is any electrical distubances this can often cause this fuse to blow - a spare pack of the fuses mean that you will never be stuck in a situation where your thermostat doesn't work and your reptile isn't safe.

These fuses can be blown by power cuts or with the use of lower quality bulbs on dimming thermostats, which without these fuses would cause serious damage to the internal circuit. These are not for use in the plug, which would continue to use a standard 3amp fuse if blown.

These are for the use of HabiStat Thermostats running under 300w, such as the Mat Stat and Temp Thermostat.

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