Habistat Heat Strips

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Habistat heatstrips are ideal for delivering heat to just one side of a reptile home, or to several reptile homes stacked or placed in series, saving you the cost of running several mats and complicating your setup.


  • Heat Strip 10w (17in x 6in)
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  • Heat Strip 15w (23in x 6in)
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  • Heat Strip 22w (35in x 6in)
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  • Heat Strip 30w (47in x 6in)
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Product Information

Better suited to smaller reptile homes, Habistat Heat Strips are narrower than their heat mats, making them idea for tiny terrariums and smaller vivs, or for situations where you may only want to heat a section of a panel.

Perfect for juvenile snakes who still need warmth but aren't big enough for a full-sized habitat yet, Habistat Heat Strips should be used with the same precautions as a heat mat, and should be operated by a Habistat Thermostat to ensure your reptile's environment doesn't get too hot.

For those who own snake-racks, the larger, narrower heat strips can be great for delivery heat to entire rows.

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