Habistat High Range Dimmer Thermostat

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Habistat High Range Dimmer Thermostat can control heating equipment within a higher temperature range, making it perfect for desert reptiles who need plenty of heat in order to thermo-regulate. Hook this reliable dimmer up to your heating equipment to get precise results.


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Product Information

The Habistat High Range Dimmer Thermostat has a higher temperature parameter than most other thermostats, making them more suitable for desert reptiles that require a higher every-day temperature to thrive, such as bearded dragons and uromastyx.

Reptiles like these live under a hot sun their entire lives, and many ordinary thermostats are unable to control the intense heating equipment required to give them the heat they require to thermo-regulate, and that's where the Habistat High Range Dimmer Thermostat comes in.

A dimming thermostat, it won't send pulses and surges to your heating equipment, meaning it is ideal to use on reptile basking heat bulbs and other light-emitting heating equipment, better simulating the natural sunlight they would receive in the wild.

Each unit has a range of 26 to 40°C, as opposed to ordinary reptile thermostats that tend to have a limit of 32°C, and this thermostat has a 40w minimum output, and a maximum of 600w at 230 volts.

At a glance:

  • Monitors higher temperatures
  • Ideal for controlling temperatures for bearded dragons
  • Perfect for Uromastyx and other desert reptiles
  • Available as dimmer or pulse
  • Versatile - can be used with all leading heat lamps

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