Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat

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Perfect for non-light emitting sources of heat such as ceramic lamps, these Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostats operate at a higher range of temperature to achieve warmer results more accuratley than standard ones - great for desert reptiles!


  • High Range Pulse Thermostat
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Product Information

Made to be suitable for non-light emitting heat sources such as ceramic heater lamps, the Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat is available from Swell Reptiles at a great price to allow you to heat your reptile terrarium or vivarium to higher temperatures than normal thermostats without giving off any light that may disrupt your reptile's day/night cycle.

Desert reptiles like Uromastyx or bearded dragons need plenty of heat, having evolved in the desert sun and therefore require extra hot vivariums to thermos-regulate, and normal reptile thermostats are not always designed to handle these higher temperature ranges, unlike this Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat.

While most thermostats are able to monitor and maintain temperatures up to around 32°C, this High Range model goes up to 40°C, making it perfect for creating an desert environment your reptile can thrive in, efficiently running heating equipment up to 600 watts and 230 volts.

At a glance:

  • Monitors higher temperatures up to 40°C
  • Ideal for desert reptile temperatures
  • Perfect for Uromastyx and Bearded Dragons
  • Available as dimmer or pulse
  • Versatile - can be used with all leading heat lamps, but not light-emitting bulbs.

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