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HabiStat Livefood Care Pack

The perfect care package for your reptile

At a glance...
  • Livefood Care Pack helps keep your livefood as fresh and healthy as possible
  • Features a 20g tub of H20 Balls; a small hydration shot that is non-fluid
  • Includes a 15g tub of HabiStat Insecta Shot
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HabiStat Livefood Care Pack helps to keep your livefood nourished and hydrated, by providing them with a bran diet and hydration balls for water, so they are at their best condition, and passing the best nutrients through to your reptile. This should also helps to improve the lifespan of the livefood too, making them better value for you!

This includes a 15g tub of HabiStat Insecta Shot, a premium quality insect feed, that is used by many livefood breeders, so the livefood are already on this diet on arrival to you. Also included is a 20g tub of H20 Balls, a small hydration shot that is non fluid, so means there is no risk of drowning by the livefood, and less cause of water causing any mould within the livefood enclosure. Both the food and balls should be added to the livefood, and replaced as needed, ideally daily, to ensure top quality health.

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