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Habistat Night Eye units can be used with most Habistat Thermostats, giving each one the ability to sense whether it is day or night, and adjust their temperature output to your preset parameters accordingly, allowing your reptile a natural rythym.


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Product Information

The Habistat Night Eye can be used to augment a Habistat Dimming or Pulse Thermostat with a Day/Night function, allowing your thermostat to recognise that it is now night time and adjust your heating equipment automatically to better replicate your reptile's day and night cycle, keeping them healthier and allowing them to behave more naturally.

Habistat Night Eye uses a sensor to see whether there is reduced light in your home to indicate that it is now night time, and tells your Habistat Day/Night Thermostat (pulse or dimming) to adjust the heating accordingly, reducing it to simulate a night-time environment, but not getting rid of the heating completely which would otherwise cause your reptile to receive no heat at all.

Because of its' unique and sophisticated design, it can only be used with Habistat Day/Night thermostats, but if you have such a device, the Night Eye makes it all so much easier, syncing your reptile's day-night cycle with your own.

Just place the unit with the sensor exposed to the light source that it is to sync with, either your home lighting or near a window so it syncs with the real-life day-night cycle.

Product Specification

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Habistat Night-eye Day/Night Switch for Day/Night Stats 5 Years

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