Habistat Spider Bedding

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HabiStat species-specific bedding, providing a more personalised and targeted substrate for your pets. This has been designed for the needs of a Spider, or other invert, and means that you can be confident in your choice, and giving them the best bedding.


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Product Information

HabiStat Spider Bedding has been specially formulated for spiders, scorpions & other burrowing species from humid environments, and is 100% natural, with a unique blend of ingredients that provides water retention with slow release humidity. Particles ensure the substrate can breathe aiding burrowing. It is extremely absorbent, and this substrate is both non-toxic and non abrasive.

This new range of HabiStat substrates are all now packed in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bags.

Directions for Use: Spread substrate evenly across enclosure base ensuring a depth of 1-2" (2.5-5cm) or 2-3" (5-7.5cm) for burrowing species. Do not overfill if using underfloor heating. Spot clean as required and replace regularly.

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