Habistat Sun Switch

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The Habistat Sun Switch can be used to automatically turn on a range of reptile equipment in your setup as soon as the sun starts shining on it. Simple and easy to setup, it means your reptiles are well taken care of during the day


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Product Information

You can buy a Habistat Sun Switch to automatically activate equipment in your reptile terrarium or vivarium, synced with the natural cycle of the sun outside.

Each Habistat Sun Switch features a remote sensor that should be placed in an area that receives natural sunlight, allowing it to sense when the sun is shining on it, and sending signals to your Reptile Thermostat to either activate or de-activate certain pieces of heating, lighting or cooling equipment - fully automating your reptile setup and syncing it with a natural 24 hour cycle for your reptile.

It can handle equipment up to 600 watts.

Product Specification

Product Notes Guarantee Wattage
Habistat Sun Switch Day-on / Night-off 5 Years 600w

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