Habistat Twin Channel Thermostat

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Operate more than 1 piece of heating equipment from the same controller at different temperatures using this Habistat Twin Channel Thermostat, leaving you with less clutter around your reptile home and a system that is easier to operate.


  • Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w
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Product Information

Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat is two temperature thermostats in one unit which means it is perfect for controlling two heaters independently.

It will control two heaters with a maximum of 300 watts for each channel. This enables each heater to be set at a different temperatures.

One channel can control the general background heat, while the other channel can control a "hot spot" to give the reptiles that essential temperature gradient that is so important to them.

It can alternatively be used to control two separate heaters in two separate cages.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • 2 x 300 watts at 230 volts 50Hz.
  • Terrarium/Aquarium Thermostat.
  • Controls two heaters so two heat zones are possible. (e.g. Background and Hot Spot).
  • State of the Art Technology and Laboratory Precision.
  • Waterproof probe on a long lead for precise remote sensing.
  • Calibrated in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Designed for use with HabiStat Heaters.

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Wattage
Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w 5 Years 2 x 300w

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    Date 02/10/2017 07:10am
    Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w
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    Always used these and know that they do what I want them to
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    Date 22/09/2015 05:09am
    Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w
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    Great product
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    Date 10/03/2015 15:03pm
    Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w
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    Date 25/11/2014 09:11am
    Habistat Twin-Channel Thermostat 2x 300w
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