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HabiStat Virucidal Cleaner & Deodouriser Concentrate 100-250ml

2-in-1 spectrum disinfectant and deodoriser

At a glance...
  • Virucidal cleaner and deodorizer to keep your reptile's habitat clean and fresh
  • Easy-to-use concentrate gives optimum protections from potential infections
  • Available in a 100ml or 250ml bottles
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Virucidal concentrate has a rapid biocidal capacity, and is able to ensure there is a clean and pleasant smell at the same time. This works as a Virucidal, Tuberculocidal, Bactericidal & Fungicidal, giving you optimum protection from any potential infections, and will also stay active in the presence of organic soiling.

This concentrate is easy to use, and can be mixed up fresh at your convenience, and at a dilution rate to suit your needs, and is non-corrosive when used at the recommended rates. For general cleaning, use at a dilation rate of 1:160 with water, which works out to 30ml of concentrate in 5 litres of water, or if using a 500ml spray bottle it would be 3ml on concentrate. Ideally, spray or wipe this over the surface, then rinse with water after 2 - 3 minute, to ensure adequate contact time.

In instances of heavy build or up or intense infection risk, this can be used at a higher dilution rate of 100ml in 5ltrs, or 10ml in a 500ml spray bottle. Ensure you rinse with water after the required contact time. This should be applied on an left for around 10 minutes for optimum contact, and then rinsed thoroughly.

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