Praying mantis are carnivorous insects that tend to come from tropical climates. They are related to grasshoppers and crickets.

One species is the African Green Praying Mantis some of which, despite the name, are actually brown.

Although a joy to keep, these violent little guys don't play well with others so they should always be kept solitary as they will even kill mates.

Mantis need tall terrariums or example the Exo Terra Nano Terrarium Tall. They need a stick or branch to act as a perch and to hang from during shedding.

The ideal temperature range is 18-30C and this is essential for growth.

Mantis should be fed on fruit flies or small crickets, then as they grow bigger, they can move onto maggots, crickets, locusts and grasshoppers.

Mantis don't need a drinking bowl but they do require humidity so they can drink the droplets.

A substrate such as bark, plantation soil or coco husk is ideal.

Praying Mantis only live for about a year so while their candle doesn't burn long it does burn brightly!