Komodo Advanced Heat Mat

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A cut above many other models, the Komodo Advanced Heat Mat provides 24 hour heat in your reptile's terrarium, giving your pet the warm it needs for thermo-regulation which includes vital processes like digestion, circulation and metabolic function, all of which are sensitive to heat.


  • Advanced Heat Mat 15W
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Product Information

Best used in glass terrariums, placed just under the unit to heat through the glass and into the substrate to warm it gently, it uses infrared heat that does not produce visible light, and therefore can be left on for 24 hours per day without affecting the sleeping pattern of most reptile species.

As with all heat mats, this should be used on a thermostat to ensure maximum safety to you and your reptile.

When using heat mats on glass/plastic terrariums they should be positioned on the outside of the tank for optimum safety.

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