Komodo Bearded Dragon Complete Gel Diet

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Komodo Bearded Dragon Complete Gel diet is a pro-biotic gel based food, designed specificially for Bearded Dragons, and other similar omnivores.


  • Juvenile Bearded Dragon Gel Diet 75g
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Product Information

This gel based food has been specially formulated for Omnivorous species, such as Bearded Dragons, but would be suitable for similar species too, such as Blue Tongue Skinks. This pro-biotic diet can be fed alone, but can also be used as part of a varied diet, to add more enrichment and interest to your Dragons feeding time.

Juvenile Bearded Dragons need a much higher protein content, due to their huge growth spurt in their first few months, so this diet helps to support that, but can also be supplemented with live food, vegetation and other Bearded Dragon food supplements.

Feeding Directions:- Simply mix 1 part powder with 2 parts boiling water, allow to cool & form a gel, chop into bite size pieces, increase or reduce the level of water to achieve the consistency required.

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