Komodo Bearded Dragon Dry Mix Feed

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A specially selected mix of dry foods ideal for Bearded Dragons, to help support their health and diet throughout the year.


  • Dragon Mix 80g
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Product Information

This Komodo Dry Mix is a selection of Dandelion Leaf, Marigold Flowers and Rose Petals, and has been developed to support the all-round health of Bearded Dragons. This is a supplementary food, and should be fed as part of a varied diet, and not used as a complete food.

Why Dandelion?

Dandelion is designed to reduce the fluid levels in animals, and also lowers blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. It is rich in magnesium, so dandelion is also helpful in treating urine infections and also aids the functioning of the liver.

Why Marigold?

Marigold has lots of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and is most commonly used for strengthening the immune system.

Why Rose?

Dried rose petals provide a wealth of mineral elements, and add a colourful and fragrant addition to a bearded dragons diet.

Warning: This is a complementary food. Herbal treatment should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional veterinary advice.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 26/10/2017 09:10am
    Komodo Dragon Mix 80g
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    1st time of trying this dont know if she'll eat it
  • Rating
    Date 19/06/2017 13:06pm
    Komodo Dragon Mix 80g
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    Good range of flowers and my dragons love it!
  • Rating
    Date 01/06/2017 15:06pm
    Komodo Dragon Mix 80g
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    I have no faults with this product apart from the fact that my beardie refuses to eat it. It's a good sized bag but she's just not interested.