Komodo Bearded Dragon Dusting Powder

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Perfect for supplementing the diet of your beardie with essential vitamins and minerals, this Komodo Bearded Dragon Dusting Powder can help you balance out your pet's diet to give them the best shot and both health and happiness under your loving care.


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Product Information

Prepare your Bearded Dragon's food with a little more zip by dusting their food with Komodo Bearded Dragon Dusting Powder, increasing the nutrient profile of your Beardie's livefood.

Apply it to your feeder-insects by placing some in a freezer bag with the insects and while keeping a good hold on the top of the bag, shake it a little to evenly coat the insects. Your dragon will still love to eat them, but will get plenty of extra nutrients in each mouthful including vitamins A, D3 and E, all essential to allowing your beardie to thrive in captivity.

Each ground bottle of dust contains kelp, pure marigold, spirulina as well as plenty of calcium carbonate for bone growth and development.

At a glance:

  • Part of a complete holistic diet
  • Dust on livefood
  • Perfect for juvenile to adult beardies
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains vitamins and calcium

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