Komodo CaCO3 Terrain (Charcoal)

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Komodo CaCO3 Terrain (Charcoal) is a fantastic reptile vivarium substrate ideal for desert species. With a bright and attractive colour, it is one of our most popular choices, and is always sold at our best possible price here at Swell Reptiles.


  • CaCO3 Terrain 4kg (Charcoal)
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Product Information

Komodo CaCo3 is brightly coloured sand made from calcium carbonate.

Komodo CaCo3 is perfect reptile substrate for bearded dragons, uromastyx and monitor lizards but not suitable for tortoises.

The reptile bedding is tested safe and if your reptile inadvertently eats it is easily digestible.

reptile sand is harvested from selected sources around the world and helps reduce mite infestations.

Komodo CaCo3 enriches the environment of your reptile while encouraging digging and burrowing.

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